Climate, plants and creatures.

Climate, plants and creatures. Climate, plants and

Climate, plants and creatures.

Climate, plants and creatures. Rain fall

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    Climate, plants and creatures in The country

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    Climate, plants and creatures in Spain You will find five kinds of climate in The country: – Atlantic climate,(llamado también oceánico), -Mediterranean climate: Continental climate (de interior) Tipical and Dry (sureste de España), -Subtropical climate, -Mountain climate.

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    Mediterranean climate Typical: -In seaside areas. -Temperatures: Mild in winters. Hot in summers. -Rain fall is irregular (most rain in fall). Dry: (No lo estudiamos como united nations clima dentro del libro). -Within the southeast of The country. -Climate is mild. -Rain fall is light, particularly in summers.

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    Mediterranean climate Continental (de interior). -Around the Central Plateau as well as in the Ebro valley. -Temperature: Summmers are hot. Winters are cold. -Rain fall is light.

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    Atlantic (Oceánico)-Around the Cantabrian coast as well as in Galicia.-Temperature: Summers are cold. Winters are mild.-Rain fall is abundant.-Flora: Many forests and meadows.-Fauna: Foxes, baby wolves, wild boars, and deers.

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    Subtropical climate-Within the Canary Islands.-Climate is mild all year long.-Rain fall is low.-Flora: Dragon trees and tabaiba spurge.-Fauna: Giant lizards and canaries.

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    Mountain climate-Within the greatest mountain areas.-Temperatures: Winters are extremely cold. Summers are mild.-Rain fall: It rains and snows a great deal.-Flora: Meadows and forests with fir trees.-Fauna: Vultures and goats.

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Climate, plants and creatures. coast as well