And today for something different

“We require the tonic of wildness…Simultaneously that we’re serious to understand more about and discover everything, we must have that things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and ocean be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We never can have sufficient of nature.” Henry David Thoreau

Volcanic mountain tops raising in the ocean like lily pads seen previously mentioned our planet’s surface. That is what the Canary Islands are formally, some have created existence – Isla de Hierro – others have forfeit coupled with to begin again again (last volcanic eruption of Lanzarote was 1790), but regardless they all are paradises in their own individual way.

It’s my blog and that i can perform what I wish to. So today I am doing something super crazy…I will not be posting about food. A couple of days ago my love and that i steered clear of to the favorite island on the planet (so far that’s), Lanzarote, The country. Located 125km in the African coast and 1,000 in the Iberian peninsula, Lanzarote has run out of an unusual sci-fi movie, the terrain is martial, although the folks warm. At occasions it’s blue and fertile and also at other moments you cannot imagine existence having the ability to progress. However, I could capture this sequence of existence which i wanted to see everyone. Predominately in cacti and succulents, which i suppose after centuries of evolution and adaptation so readily and profoundly uncovered themselves to all of us, unyielding springtime within the desert. I am grateful to determine that existence does keep on even if your chances are against it.


Something Different – CloudKid Discovery Mix


CloudKid: CloudKid Discovery is a new mix series on the channel where I present music to you guys that is different, interesting, experimental or unusual. These can be new, old or even unreleased tracks that I discover throughout the week but that wouldn't necessarily fit on the channel as a single upload. In addition to that, I will use this format to also experiment with some new type of art! Today I present to you episode one featuring artists like Trails, Medasin, Ramzoid, MAX and many more! Enjoy ❤️

Dominique K: Anthony O'Connor the live streams are only available Live…sorry

Blaze501100: I look forward to seeing your new amazing music! I love your graphics and everything about your channel. Great work!

Loranos: Tracklist ☁️\n\n 0:00 Goldroom – Till Sunrise (TRAILS Flip)\n 4:08 Jai Wolf – Like it's Over (Ramzoid Remix)\n 8:01 Mothica – Out Of It (Seafarer Remix)\n12:06 Martin Garrix – Scared To Be Lonely (Medasin Remix)\n15:14 Adrian Cook – Havingfun\n16:56 Dilated Peoples – You Can't Hide You Can't Run (KVMO Flip)\n20:10 Abhi The Nomad – Sex n' Drugs (Feat. Harrison Sands & Copper King)\n22:28 Pools – Blue\n24:22 Stephen – Crossfire, Part III (Feat. Saba, Ravyn Lenae, The O'My's & J.P. Floyd) \n26:30 MAX – 10 Victoria's Secret Models

Artyom: THANKS!!)

Mr Malonga: thx cap :)

CloudKid: Really hope you all enjoy this new mix series + Art style 🙂 \nYou can see track titles and artist names by just turning on Subtitles/CC ❤️

Austin Beverage: Is this art food coloring in a dish of milk and soap drops out of frame? Or is it computer based?

graciie: Love that quote in the description, nice mix as well ♥️

TheDropYouNeed: Yesterday: AprilFoolKid\nToday: ChillKid\nGreat mix, enjoyable! =)