9 stunning details about la sagrada familia

9 stunning details about la sagrada familia after his dying, the six

Around 1950, An Artist was commissioned by engineer A.K. Chahroudi to construct a home around the island. The architect agreed and started work on the project that will exceed Fallingwater in ambition. The designs were complete following a couple of several weeks, however they needed to be scaled lower to suit the owner’s budget. Instead of the entire 5000-square-feet home, Chahroudi settled for any small guest cottage.

The home that presently stands on Petra Island may be the realization of Wright’s original vision (having a couple of modern, somewhat questionable upgrades). Sheet metal contractor Joe Massaro bought the area in 1996 as well as acquired the architect’s designs. Not lengthy after, the brand new owner dedicated themself to constructing the home Wright meant to make.

Although it was completed decades after his dying, the six-bed room house on Petra Island emanates Wright’s signature style. Geometric home windows light the house, a wraparound patio provides sweeping views, and boulders built-into the walls provide the creating a natural feel. There’s also lots of features that you simply don’t always have to be an architecture fanatic to understand, such as the guesthouse, tea house, and helipad for 15-minute flights to Manhattan.

Discover the shocking truth below to obtain an intimate tour from the property.

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La Sagrada Família Barcelona


Mike Vogler: I'm so glad you did a post on the La Sagrada specifically, Dalia! I first read about it several years ago in a National Geographic feature and I have been infatuated with its beauty and history ever since! :)

Dalia Lourenço: Tell me when you are about to visit :)

zhao liu: fantastic!\ni want to see it by myself~

Dalia Lourenço: Come and visit. It is a must :)

Satishsunny1214: Yeah I do… I cannot explain but I miss Barça a lot more than my hometown… and you know what..I have visited the interior just a couple of months before I left Barcelona…!!!

Dalia Lourenço: Oh my gosh. What a great experience. Are you coming back soon?

Satishsunny1214: Barcelonaaaaa haunts me…!!! Hope 2 return soon..!!! btw…it was a nice video… :)\n

Dalia Lourenço: Thank you very much! :)

Dalia Lourenço: Don't you miss the Sagrada Familia? You should come back!