Technology and education: the country differs, sadly

Technology and education: the country differs, sadly 000 Chromebooks                  within the education

Articles within the Financial Occasions known as “Google overtakes Apple in america classroom” provides some interesting details and figures concerning the way technologies are more and more getting used in American schools. Based on IDC, the marketplace research, analysis and advisory firm focusing on it and telecommunications, throughout the third quarter of the year, Google offered 715,000 Chromebooks within the education sector, against 702,000 iPads. This is actually the first quarter by which Google has beaten Apple within this market.

The figures, that have been welcomed carefully because of the percentage they suppose inside a market like US education, nonetheless clearly reflect an increasing trend in using technology within the classroom. The controversy in US education circles has become about what are best electronics in order to students to understand. Some tablets are noticed essential in an effort to access content, essentially e-books and websites, while Chromebooks, probably the most fundamental versions of which may be bought for approximately $ 200, are seen as an more complete solution, the requirement for that is more apparent as pupils develop, facilitating a 2-way relationship that has a tendency to be creative.

Meanwhile, in The country, we’re spending our time passing laws and regulations to forbid smartphones within the classroom in order to prevent conflict between students and teachers. Instead of looking for a spot for a tool just like a smartphone inside the educational process, integrating it as being the universal computing device it’s, we choose to exclude it, converting education right into a hostile atmosphere where children have to learn in outdated ways. Inside a society that’s now fully connected, the Spanish classroom remains a location stop from all of those other world.

While other nations are searching at just how to change education to assist children take full advantage of the technological age they’ve been born into by supplying classrooms with tablets and laptops for use as learning tools, simultaneously as altering the guidelines in order so that you can integrate technology in to the curriculum, in The country, all are going to is ban devices, once we are apparently not able or reluctant to consider how technology could be incorporated to the children’s advantage. However it’s usually been simpler to ban something instead of to consider it.


Can Technology Change Education? Yes!: Raj Dhingra at TEDxBend


Patrick Smith: I was expecting him to use more…… educational technology in an educational lecture about using technology to educate. xD Still, not a bad talk, albeit not very deep.

Johnson Mafoko: i concur

Patrick Schultz: This video lacked any depth or new ideas. It was simply vague and lacked real content.

Thomas Rizk: Raj Dhingra makes so many good points, especially that we need to change the thinking around Education Technology.

Tarzan Rai: Thank you for your nice talk about technology and education.

Alicia Papa: Antagonist – Blending technology and classrooms isn't always a great idea. Sometimes these children do no know how to use the technology or they take advantage of the technology and do what they want to do on the devices. For example, there was a boy last year in preschool that used an iPad to communicate. However, when he got mad or upset he threw it and the speech therapist had to reprogram his apps all over again. If child are not ready to use the technology or are not taught how to use it correctly  then it shouldn't be in the classroom. 

Alex Rodriguez: I never heard the answer to "Can technology change education". I know it can. But I didn't hear him answer that.

TarangFhai Gaming: This is shit.

FlippyDippy WhoopWhoops: very good

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