Education in the country versus education in finland

Education in the country versus education in finland Spanish education

Education in the country versus education in finland

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    • Finnish educational system is known as a type of reference within the planet.Another is Leads to “PISA” report offer the equality and free type of education in Finland.Now we will see some variations between your Finnisheducational system and also the Spanish one:

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    1. SCHOOL FAILURE• School failure is among the primary problems of Spanish education.• The main difference with Finland is obvious. 30% of dropouts in The country whereas in Finland is 8%, based on “UNESCO”.

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    2. EDUCATIONAL REFORMS• In The country, the SEVENTH educational reform is been elaborated, without teachers’ support. With this particular reform, the amount of pupils per classroom is going to be 30 in primary school and 36 in secondary school. We are able to state that in The country there’s a obvious political interference within the plans of studies.• In Finland the reforms are attracted using the teachers and also the education is dependent on the condition which all political parties agree on. The training isn’t a brief term matter. There, the utmost quantity of pupils per classroom is 20.

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    3. CUTBACKS IN EDUCATION• The country has been doing cutbacks in education for the need for 3.000 million of euros in scholarships for dining-room, books and course materials. Because of this, each time families think it is harder their children’s school attendance. These cutbacks affect public schools more because public schools do not have alternative way of financing.• In Finland the training is completely free: books, dining-room and course materials. The condition purchase all, and also the families do not have to inquire about scholarships before the finish from the compulsory school. It’s a totally free education from pre-school until college.

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    4. PRIVATE SCHOOLS• We’re the 2nd country in Europe using the greatest number of private schools. 31% of colleges are either private or (“concertados”) direct-grant schools.• In Finland the proportion of non-public schools is 3%. There, elite schools don’t exist, which only could be compensated by a few. And also the pupils/students have a similar legal rights individually of the social class. 97% of colleges are public and free, plus they include food, books and material.

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    5.Need For TEACHERS• In The country, teachers havent got social prestige. Which is simpler to use of instruction degree.• In Finland, a student with the greatest results commit to education. They need a ton of vocation, good marks along with a master’s degree to be considered a teacher. Additionally, the mind teacher makes their own team of teachers, the teachers have freedom to select what they’re likely to educate. There isnt educational inspection. And individuals trust teachers.

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    6. The Function OF PARENTS• In The country, parents tend to be more distant from the education each time because of lengthy working hrs.• In Finland, parents tend to be more active in the education of the children so when problems between teacher and pupil arise, the teacher has got the support from the parents.

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    What’s The SECRET?• It isn’t dependent on copying models, but we are able to adapt our system to a different model that actually works.Another is However the primary matter would be to begin to give importance to education the kids should obtain the best education possible.• The key isn’t within the classroom, it’s in society.

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    “An educated countryallows neither corrupt people Nor incompetent ones”

Resourse: https://slideshare.internet/Majorick/

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Kitty Trinh: I remember going through schooling where basic words like spaghetti and octopus taught in elementary school was spelled incorrectly by my teacher –_– and now i always have this second instinct that makes me think I might not be spelling it right.

Benjamin Luna: I just want to add that in America we only know English \n\nYou might know a little bit of another language, but it's mostly English

2012daffyduck: Sorry is there any need for background music? I can't even hear you talk! ffs.

Ilona Ruuskanen: I live in Finland too and some days we don't even get any homework and we have sometimes "candyday" that like you can take some candy on school

dank meme: i live in finland and my school we dont even some days do any work we just play xbox and wii

keppikeke kek: Only problem is that us finns don't respect the school system as its "free"

Head Master Sanganna High School: really amazing system

Naima Ahmed: Kenya has the worst system

Kainomura: Being in school in Finland , I can agree with these reasons. Especially the "Less is More" method. We didn't use to have small tests, but instead repetitions before the big test begins at the end of week. \n\nAnd no, we don't even have those tests which you mark on answer slot a,b,c or d. You have to explain the answer in full sentences.

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