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Normally the bull is wiped out when it comes to through the matador, and then it’s chained to some train of mules, and brought the arena ( I had been intending to then add photos, but they’re rather gore. If you wish to observe how, you google “mulillas” or “arrastre del toro”). The dead bull will be introduced towards the “desolladero” (literally, skinning place), a location when it comes to compound where butchers skins it, make areas of it. These parts are offered to a particular restaurants – demand is greater than offer, “only” six bulls are wiped out each Sunday mid-day throughout the season.

There’s (almost) a myth, the bull can exit the world alive if he’s proven bravery within the fight. Well, without a doubt, this occurs once a week, maybe a couple of occasions annually, on typically 70.000 bulls wiped out in The country in every season. In Madrid in Las Ventas, the most crucial arena on the planet just once the bull continues to be able to escape (This summer 19, 1982 – thanks, Google!) since its opening in 1934

Sometimes the bullfighter can’t get rid of the bull for reasons uknown (for example, while he continues to be hurt through the same bull). Does this means that he is able to leave the world and become came back to the pastures? well, no, a bull learns fast the “muleta” (the bit of cloth the bullfighter handles) is really a lure, and quickly he applies to the bullfighter, so, it should be wiped out when it comes to. This must be carried out by the elder matador of these two which will fight this mid-day – often a corrida consists in six bulls and three matadors, even though this might have exceptions.

The elder matador are only able to place the bull in position – he isn’t permitted to battle it – , and kill it using the lengthy curved sword. Or even the short sword, or even the dagger, based on bull conditions – BTW, only dagger can be utilized with a non bullfighter.

But, allow me to say… what goes on if all matadors happen to be hurt ? – yes, this might happen, bullfight is really a dangerous entertainment, yesterday (This summer, 9, 2016) a matador was wiped out in Teruel – Then your bull ought to be driven from the arena and set lower within the desolladero, with a professional butcher – as stated before, no bull that joined the world can exit alive the world compound – . Incidentally, in Portugal what the law states forbids to get rid of the bulls when it comes to, installed them lower them outdoors spectator’s view, most likely inside a more humane way.

So, when the bull can’t be wiped out when it comes to, it’s driven out with a group of specifically trained beefs, the cabestros, which sourround it. These beefs every time they visit a door open when it comes to, utilize it, with them goes the bull, to satisfy its fate

And, finally, some bulls don’t stick to the beefs, plus they remain when it comes to. This is actually an issue, as well as in this situation it’s wiped out with a bullet fired through the Guardia Civil. But, this occurs less occasions compared to sparing of the brave bull.

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