Buying tickets to some bullfight in the country

Las Ventas seats

This can be a question that Take advantage of and that i faced on the recent visit to The country: the way the heck would you buy tickets to some bullfight? Our guidebooks assured us you could buy tickets for less than 5 euros at the front of Las Ventas (the bullring in Madrid) a few hrs before a battle. That could be the case with some bullfights, consider our trip would occur throughout the San Isidro Festival – an enormous bullfighting festival in May where fights are held daily rather of just every sunday – and the best bullfighters in the united states were slated to do, I needed to make sure that we’ve got good seats.

Fortunately, you can purchase tickets on the internet and get them when you are getting to The country. Tickets Toros sells tickets to fights in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Malaga. You decide on the part of the stadium that you wish to sit, pay ahead of time and pick your tickets in the day’s the battle. It is simple and hassle-free.

That stated, you still need know where you can sit.

Seats within the bullring cost according to closeness towards the bullring and whether they’re under the sun or even the shade. At Las Ventas in Madrid, you will find multiple levels (tendidos) and you will have to choose high (alto) or low (bajo). Lower seats tend to be more costly but enable you to get nearer to the experience. Smaller sized stadiums is only going to get one level. Came from here, the seats are generally under the sun (sol), sun and shade (sol y sombre) or shade (sombre). The shaded seats would be the most costly because that is commonly where the majority of the action happens – plus it’s a comfortable spot to sit within the summer time heat. I believe that sol y sombre provides you with a much better standpoint, especially if you wish to try to take a few photos from the fight.

Since you’re only likely to visit a bullfight once, I’d recommend getting decent seats to obtain a good look at the battle. Sol y sombre and tendido bajo provides you with an affordable tickets inside a great location in almost any stadium.

Essential towards the bullfight experience is the grade of the battle. Do not go near see some third rate bullfight. It may be ok at the best and terribly depressing at worst. A bullfight inside a well-known venue – for example Las Ventas or even the bullring in Seville – will probably be a far greater experience. Some googling may also let you know what bullfighters tend to be more popular/more famous at any time and fights which include them could be better.

My final recommendation would be to visit a horseback bullfight (corrida de rejones) or perhaps a corrida mixta (mixed bullfight, with rejoneadors and matadors) if possible. They’re a lot more exciting to look at than your average bullfight, with increased action along with a much greater level of skill known as for.

In summary, get good seats, visit a quality fight and then try to visit a horseback bullfight if possible. You’ll obtain a great taste from the Spanish tradition of bullfighting and can possess the best experience possible by doing this.

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