Bullfighting the country

Bullfighting the country of bullfights in Seville

You can go to the bullring in Ronda which houses a little bullfighting museum. The bullfighting season in Ronda comes from April to October though fights are very infrequent. Seek advice from the tourist office near the bullring.

Bullfighting Tickets

Bullfight tickets vary in cost based on their position within the bullfighting arena. Those within the shade (sombra) tend to be more costly compared to ones under the sun (sol). Some seats are designated as sun and shade (sol y sombra) simply because they begin under the sun but proceed to shade because the mid-day progresses. Seats located nearest towards the bullfight will also be more costly than individuals close to the back. So ones close to the ringside barrier (barrera) that are and in the colour tone would be the most costly.

Buying tickets in the actual arena can be a significant hassle because it is difficult to sort out which ticket window (taquilla) you need to visit and without an excellent degree of Spanish it’s nearly impossible to describe or discover which tickets you want to purchase.

Just read the poster from the event ahead of time to determine where you need to sit then request individuals seats or just copy the specific sitting area and show it towards the ticket seller.

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