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Food and family would be the essence of The country. Since 1996 we've been traveling the countryside of The country searching for outstanding foods, especially individuals produced by small family producers. It's our mission to give the best food from The country, therefore helping preserve traditional Spanish culture and cuisine. Hopefully you'll love this particular different and scrumptious assortment of Spanish food.


  • Spanish Ham

    Spanish Pork


  • Chorizo



  • Grilling Pork

    Grilling Pork

    Para la Parrilla

  • Paella Kits, Pans & Ingredients

    Paella Kits, Pans & Ingredients


  • Gourmet Olives

    Gourmet Olives

    Aceitunas Gourmet

  • Olive Oil & Vinegar

    Essential Olive Oil & Vinegar

    Aceite de Oliva y Vinagre

  • Almonds & Nuts

    Almonds & Nuts

    Almendras y Frutos Secos

  • Artisan Cheese

    Artisan Cheese

    Quesos Artesanales

  • Seafood

    Sea food

    Pescados y Marisco

  • Artisan Bread

    Artisan Bread

    Pan Artesanal

  • Croquetas



  • Spanish Tortilla

    Spanish Tortilla

    Tortilla Española

  • Peppers



  • Pantry Staples

    Kitchen Staples

    Para la Despensa

  • Spanish Meats

    Spanish Meats

    Carnes Españolas

  • Spanish Sweets

    Spanish Sweets

    Dulces Españoles

  • José Andrés Foods

    José Andrés Foods

    Productos de José Andrés

  • Holiday Gift Boxes

    Holiday Gift Boxes

    Cestas de Regalo

  • Collections



  • Beyond Spain

    Beyond The country

    Más allá de España


London Travel. The Spanish Food and Street Food Shop "Brindisa" at Borough Market


robert111k: ¿Chorizo con pimiento rojo de lata y ruqueta? Eso no se ha comido en España junto en la vida.

Clyde in Japan!: Waaah, the food looks so delicious!! \n… that said, I have NO idea what that was at 3:38a leg?! o___O''\n\nGreat vid! Can't wait to see your next stop! (^^)v

boy loy: Clyde in

Raju Dantani: Clyde in Japan!

shahid kiyani: 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

steemdup: don't show the leg with the hoof!  My God!

559KING: Has anybody ever told you to stop recording them just curious?

no speak: he picks his ear and serves food… disgusting

ruth roebuck: the store looks inviting and well stocked, is this the norm for this area? thanks for taking us places would not have been prior.

xcvbnm125487: Wonderful